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Tacos de mole, lengua, tinga, al pastor and suadero, in Israel!

Tacos Luis, a Oaxacan chef, decided to break molds and bet to bring one of the most traditional dishes of Mexico to one of the most recondite places: Israel


Wearing a red apron and a big smile, Luis Cruz tells his story of entrepreneurship, which he started in 2007, when he lived in Oaxaca and his mother rented a hostel that was being visited by both domestic and foreign tourists.

With tacos de mole, lengua, tinga, al pastor and suadero, Luis, a chef of Oaxacan origin, decided to break molds and bet to bring one of the most traditional dishes of Mexico to one of the most recondite places: Israel.

So, just a few meters from the best hotels in this city is Tacos Luis, a business that today is one of the most visited places by diners from around the world, and even by the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

“When Facebook was at its peak, I started looking for all the people who had stayed at the hostel. I was about to finish my culinary career, so I started sending messages about my intention to try my luck in another country, especially in the United States. “

Many people told me to leave, that there was work, one of them would be my future wife. So I went to New York, to work in a bakery, and despite not having experience, I told him I could learn very fast, and since I had a degree in gastronomy, it was very easy to get my visa. “

My wife is from Israel, but her parents are American, so that’s why she was there (in New York) at that time. We started dating, but since she is Jewish and I am a Catholic, then the easiest solution for us to get married was to convert to Judaism, “she recalled. 

After her wedding and her first child, the idea of ​​moving to Israel to set up a restaurant was born.

The idea was between my wife and my sister-in-law for a long time, but they did not know when, or how or at what moment it would occur. So one day we saw a taco stand in New York and we thought that should be the option. “

Currently, Tacos Luis is nine months old, it is a small place in the heart of Jerusalem, where he, along with his wife, his sister-in-law and around five other collaborators, seek to conquer tourists through flavors. Mexicans    

We have done very well. The first two days we gave tacos to pull people, and on Sunday we already had a large queue waiting. It was brutal. “

On the reception of this variety of Mexican cuisine, said that everyone likes the tacos de carne asada and taco de pescado, which make up the basic menu, but also offer a special dish per day, such as tacos of tongue or toast from tinga. 

In the menu we have six tacos and every day it varies with a special taco, for example, on Sundays we have tacos of chorizo ​​with potatoes, on Monday with chicken a la pibil, another day they are barbecue. They like them a lot, also green sauce and habanera. “

He comments that the people of Israel are surprised with the tacos al pastor, “they tell me: I come to eat Mexican tacos, but you sell me shawarmas”, that is, a dish that can be found in the Middle East, which is very similar to the shepherd , but served on a pita bread and other vegetables.

That’s the history of Mexico and its gastronomy, which has a bit of everything, that’s why today is one of the best. It has something of French cuisine, from Spain and even from the Middle East, when the first Lebanese came to Puebla and introduced the famous Arab tacos. ” Then, when you explain that to them, they are surprised at how far the shawarma has come, which we know as tacos al pastor. Everyone loves, the sweet pineapple gives to the meat marinated with axiote, its onion, cilantro and green sauce. They are the best sellers. “

About the ingredients, he mentions that everyone finds them easily, since there are people who are dedicated to market them, and you can even find some of the traditional Mexican drinks, such as tequila and mezcal, served with a slice of orange and chili powdered.

For Sarah, who comes from Washington DC, the food “is incredible. I ordered some tacos of carne asada and it really is one of the best things I’ve tried. It is the first time I have tasted Mexican food in Jerusalem and it is much better than the one found in the United States. “

But the Tacos Luis diners, who add up to 400 in a day, are not only from the United States or Mexico, but also from Israel, so they have a Kosher degree certificate, with which they guarantee that their food is prepared under the precepts of the Jewish religion. 

Luis Cruz says that many of his guests recommend opening another store in the city of Tel Aviv.

Many people there come to eat tacos just for us, because they know that tortillas, sauces and absolutely everything is made here “, so in the future does not rule out that their tacos and Mexican cuisine reach other parts of Israel. .

But that’s not all, Luis also offers ice popsicles with flavors of tamarind, mango, jamaica, and lemon, made especially for the local.

We also sell them palettes, they love them, little by little we have introduced flavors such as tamarind, here it is not known, but people like to taste, and Mexicans love to taste something of their land elsewhere, something that reminds them because We are so proud of our cuisine and of Mexico. “

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