Video. Tide surprises vacationers and takes their cars, Puerto Peñasco


Visitors to the beach “La Cholla” in Puerto Peñasco were surprised by the tide, which flooded their cars

Sonora .- Through social networks circulates the video where it is shown how the sudden tide surprised vacationers and floods their cars on Saturday afternoon at the beach “La Cholla” in Puerta Peñasco.

In the video you can see how dozens of vehicles that were on the beach, near the sand strip, were reached by the water level that reached at least half a meter in height.

According to the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, at least 20 vehicles were flooded.

The tourists managed to rescue their cars by towing them manually and others with the help of cranes.

The Municipal Civil Protection Unit of Puerto Peñasco, informed that the phenomenon originated due to strong winds and that it was not necessary to activate a protocol since at no time was the integrity of the visitors at risk.

Source: el debate

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