Mexico: Durango miners create cryptocurrency


Siongold, a company of the northern entity of Mexico, will launch the electronic currency, which can be sold worldwide

DURANGO The mining company Siongold is about to launch to the market the first cryptocurrency made by a conglomerate of metallurgical companies from Durango and Sinaloa, which will have competition and sustained value in gold and silver globally.

Rosa Isela de la Rocha Nevárez, president of this company, explained in an interview the importance, scope and projection that this initiative will give to Durango as the main source of the birth and development of the cryptocurrency that will be called Real Silver Coin.

On the one hand, a cryptocurrency is an asset that has economic value and is encrypted through keys, high-tech Internet servers and international exchange houses, which can be used for commercial exchange as such or for the consumption of goods and services in Any part of the world where there is access to the web or exchange establishments authorized by international exchange houses.

“We started looking for new ways of financing small-scale mining and social mining, which is that of the non-metallic producer farmers, which has never been supported. We were in Canada seeing how this works, in the Stock Exchange of that country, and so I was involved in the cryptocurrencies, through the National Council of Science and Technology, “detailed the directive.

He added that the cryptocurrency is a financial asset backed with technology, and the operation of this money is by a system that is called “block chain”, which is a system that can not be hacked and is the safest way to perform any transaction

Each time a movement is made with these coins, a memory is generated that will never be erased, he added. That execution will be recorded in servers located in different parts of the planet.

“Each of those servers validates the movement. If one fails, the others continue to carry out the operation, and at the moment in which the block chain approves the movement, the trace is generated and is printed and is indelible. “

The cryptocurrency of Durango is in the second phase of training, the server that hosts this value in encrypted is located Washington, United States. However, other international exchange houses have shown interest.

“The project has interested exchange houses in Taiwan, Tokyo, Colombia, London, but we want to enter the Mexican and it is difficult, because we have a law called Fientech, and just this March 8 new adaptations to this legal framework”.

Unlike the other electronic currencies, Real Silver Coin will have a Duranguense identity and can be identified by its design and because to have it, it is necessary to be part of a shareholders’ association.

“To avoid money laundering, the person who wants to buy coins will have to fill certain requirements that our system asks for, and once entering not only the cryptocurrency but also a crypto-action, and this is guaranteed by mining reserves of Durango “