The Pacific Cosplay Cup 2019 to be held in Mazatlan


More than 2 thousand attendees are estimated daily from different countries and states

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- There will be more than 2 thousand attendees per day who are estimated to be in Mazatlan to enjoy during a weekend of the maximum costume party, the Copa Cosplay Pacific 2019, where young people will exploit their creativity with their characterizations of your favorite characters.

Ramón Magaña, the organizer of the event, informed that for 140 pesos per person, they will be able to enjoy screenings, music, enroll in the different competitions, enjoy oriental food, participate in the free photo session and acquire unique products with the different exhibitors.

This edition will have the theme of Disney and the event will be this Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 of April in the spectacular room, 12:00 of the day at 10:00 at night, in Valentino will be the photo sessions of 06:00 in the morning at 10:00 in the morning for those who wear costume.

Ramón Magaña

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Carlos Reyes announced that the children will be able to enter the event for free and the atmosphere is totally familiar and safe, where wearing a costume is optional; this type of events causes an increase in tourism and a considerable spill, where people who did not know about the port visit it thanks to their hobbies.

Carlos Reyes and Ramón Magaña, organizers of CCP 2019

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“It is a youth community, a family event without alcohol and creative, the one that has developed here in Mazatlan was a plus, they come from Coahuila, Chihuahua, Nayarit, Jalisco and even the United States and Colombia”.

The winners of the Pacific Cosplay Cup will be able to obtain a pass to compete in Nagoya, Japan.

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