Mazatlan: El Dorado neighbors protest against new condo tower construction


Dozens of hundreds of homes in El Dorado and some Gaviotas subdivisions, adjacent to the hotel zone of Mazatlan, show their discontent in their facades. 

In the banners and signs placed in garages, walls and even in palm trees, they say no to the change of land use. 

The rejection of the possible construction of condominium towers is unanimous among those who inhabit that area, because by regulation zoning permits buildings of up to four levels.

According to what they report, there is a request to build six-story buildings, which violates municipal regulations and they do not approve of the construction and the problems it can cause, among them the drainage.

The exact site was not specified. 
However, this construction request change passed through the city council but was not authorized, therefore they cannot build outside the current framework.

Source: rasnoticias

The Mazatlan Post