The agreement that Mexico will not meet for the 2026 World Cup


In the Bid Book that presented the joint candidacy of Mexico, Canada, and the United States to FIFA for the 2026 World Cup, it is considered that in Mexico City it would have a new airport by 2021, the same one that was canceled. on January 4, 2019, by the federal government.

“The new airport will provide a substantial increase in terminal and runway capacity from the current facility,” reads page 311 of the “United 2026 Bid Book,” which was presented by Mexico, Canada and the United States to FIFA.

The airport that was mentioned was the one that was being built in Texcoco, State of Mexico, and was scheduled to start operations in 2020, it would have six operational roads and it would receive 120 million people annually. In its place, it was planned to expand the current airport and to enable the Santa Lucia air base as an alternate one; this project will be ready until 2022, the federal government has informed.

“The new airport will be connected to the city center and the stadium site through a highway and a series of arterial roads. The new airport will not be in the city’s Metro Training network, but a full public transport solution has not yet been decided, “explains the document that was delivered last year.

In the proposal for the 2026 World Championship, 27 airports are presented and the only one that was under construction was the one that corresponded to Texcoco. It is also mentioned that Mexico City has two alternate airports, Puebla and Toluca, but Santa Lucía is never considered.

“Mexico also has an extensive network of airports, the most advanced in Latin America. The International Airport of Mexico City is already one of the largest in the world; a new airport with a significantly greater capacity of runways and terminals is scheduled to open in 2021, “re-mentions in the text of almost 500 pages.

The airport that was going to be built in Texcoco would be one of the most modern in the area, it would only be below the one in New York, home of the 2026 World Cup final, which has eight tracks and is one of the busiest in the world.

Mexico will not be able to fulfill one of its promises by 2026.


The Guadalajara International Airport and the Monterrey International Airport also need modifications for the 2026 World Cup.

“The airport expects to increase its capacity to transport passengers before 2026. Studies are underway to determine if a new runway is required. If it is built, the construction time line will be approximately five years “, explained in the document that Mexico, Canada and the United States gave to FIFA. .

At present the airport of Guadalajara, Jalisco, has two airstrips and has two terminals. Since 2017, expansion works began.

For its part, the Monterrey International Airport is the second busiest in the country, just behind that of Mexico City, and in the Bid Book it is explained that “it is expected to expand each of its terminals before 2026 “

Source: ESPN

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