Heading for summer! Mazatlán is getting ready for its promotion and good use of the digital application


Capta recognizes that the port has registered a good influx of visitors on weekends, but they seek to be prepared for this next holiday period

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Faced with the summer vacation period, in Mazatlán they enlist, on the one hand, actions that allow the sanitary protocols to be kept firm, and on the other, to reinforce promotional measures through the application of Mztourist, in which it includes all sectors, said María Astrid Macías Fregoso.

The director of the Tourist Attention and Protection Center in Mazatlán mentioned that within this digital tool, work is being done on involving the business sector, sites, and spaces of what the services found in the port entail.

“For Mazatlan, definitely reinforce the operation, something similar to what has been carried out prior to Holy Week, to Easter Week, but surely with other measures that we will implement, in the same way, a stronger promotion, in the coming months on the Mztourist tool, ”he said.

He said that although it is true, the weekends have been crowded with the influx of tourists, they still seek once the times allow it to add new options and strongly promote this application.

“Very favorable we have not been able to do the promotion that we would like to do, for the time being, but we will resume that and we are already carrying out the strategies to promote it in a better way. When do you talk about reinforcing what it would mean? Well right now we cannot mention it as such, because it is something that is barely being managed, we are making the arrangements to be able to have more visual elements that are around the city, “he said.

Macías Fregoso stressed that having entered Sinaloa, within the green color on the epidemiological traffic light with the contagion numbers in recent weeks, has been more favorable and reliable for tourists to continue making their arrivals, in the particular case of Mazatlán.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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