Mazatlan: Excessive speed and drunk driving cause of multiple car accident on the Malecon


Multiple car accidents was registered Sunday afternoon on Del Mar Avenue, left five units with material damage and three injured among them an element of the Police Capture.

The multiple crash occurred in the north-south lane a few meters from Los Deportes Avenue, the vehicles involved are a Nissan Versa, March, Durango Truck, Firt Sedan with Police Capta logos and a red Volkswagen Beatle, both last with major damages.

In the order in which the vehicles were left, the cause of the crash was excessive speed and lack of caution when driving, and the driver of the Beatle was said to be drunk.

Veteran firemen were in charge of taking care of the injured and taking them to the hospital while the transit personnel performed the facts to unblock the step that was suspended for more than an hour.

Source: rasnoticias

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