In Mexico City, you can taste ice cream made from Jack Daniel’s


In this hot season, it is very likely that one of your recurring cravings is a refreshing ice cream or, if you want to get gourmet, a gelato.

Both delights come from Italy, both are made with milk, but differ in the amount of fat, sugar and air. In some way, the gelato is more artisanal and few master the mastery of making a perfect one.

New Project 2019 04 10T123731.835 1024x683 - In this CDMX place you can try Jack Daniel's flavored ice creams

In CDMX there is a small corner where you will find the best ice creams and gelatos. His name is Joe Gelato of chef Joe Cervantes and for this season offers a flavor that few can resist and includes one of our favorite whiskeys.

These are three special editions created from two memorable Jack Daniel’s labels: with Old No. 7 and Tennesse Honey.

Surely you remember the complex notes of Old No. 7: maple, vanilla and a little charcoal. With this in mind, Cervantes made two combinations, one with cocoa and the other with crème brûlée.

On the other hand, Tennesse Honey is known for its balanced sweetness, flavors of apple, cinnamon and nuts. For that sweet elixir, the chef thought of an ice cream with hints of pot coffee.

New Project 2019 04 10T123817.167 1024x683 - In this place of CDMX you can taste ice cream with flavor to Jack Daniel's

“The mixtures seek to highlight the tasting notes, balance the distillate and the sweet, sour and strong flavors of the other ingredients to create an entire mouth experience. At Joe Gelato, we always consider adding those drops of originality and authenticity that also characterize Jack Daniel’s, “said Joe Cervantes.

The three ice creams will be available until April 21 at Joe Gelato. You can also find other interesting fusions of olive oil, lavender, Genovese pesto, roses and red miso. It is a must of CDMX and more now that Jack Daniel’s flooded its refrigerators.

Source: Robb Report

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