New access to Mazatlan airport inaugurated


MAZATLÁN.- In the company of the Secretary of Communications and Transport, Javier Jiménez Espriú, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel inaugurated a new and modern highway access that connects the Mazatlán Bypass to the Rafael Buelna International Airport, a work of great urban magnitude in which 260.5 were invested millions of pesos.

In this context, the holder of the SCT announced that in response to the efforts of the state governor, a new terminal will be built to receive the cruise ships, so that the API docks can receive cargo ships at the same time. also cruises, which is not possible at present, because when the passenger ships are moored, the cargo ships have to wait outside the navigation channel until the docks are vacated, a delay that represents a loss of money for the port trade.

Regarding the road work, both Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, as the mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, and businessmen Eduvigildo “Leovi” Carranza, Carlos Berdegué Sacristán and Guillermo Romero Rodríguez, agreed that convert Mazatlan in a stronger destination, due to the impact it represents for tourist and economic activity, since it will connect the air terminal to the state of Durango and also to Culiacán.

The state governor considered that although it is a work of short length, it is of great significance, because it will save transportation time for visitors arriving at the airport, since previously they had to go to Villa Union to take the road to Durango or go to the airport. tourist area.

In addition, Ordaz Coppel stressed the importance of putting into operation this new access, just days before the start of the Easter holiday period, when the Mazatlan airport significantly increases its influx of passengers.

For his part, the Secretary of Communications and Transport, Javier Jiménez Espriú, said that this work is part of the commitment made by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to complete all works in process that were inherited by the previous federal administration, especially those that contribute to regional development, as was the case with this road.

In addition to announcing the prompt construction of the new terminal for cruise ships, the secretary informed that on Monday the bidding decision will be issued for the rehabilitation works of the highway that goes from the junction of Mexico 15 to the town of El Quelite, north of Mazatlán, as well as the continuation of the remodeling of the highway from the airport to Isla de la Piedra.

“This is a beautiful region, with enormous potential, with great possibilities, so Mazatlán is in the view of the federal government, which will work in harmony with the governor and the municipal presidents,” he concluded.

Upon welcoming, the municipal president of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, acknowledged that it was a great task of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel to complete this road work, as he continues to follow the path he has drawn together with him, to empower Mazatlan. like never before in history.

“So this work is part of this project and many more come, and I have no doubt that Mazatlan will soon be the first beach tourist destination in the country,” he said.

For his part, the tuna entrepreneur, Leovi Carranza, said that this work is very important for tourism and trade, because it will communicate more easily not only to Durango, but to the Gulf of Mexico.

The hotel entrepreneur, Carlos Berdegué Sacristán, recalled that prior to the completion of the Tourism Tianguis of Mazatlan, last year, Governor Quirino Ordaz was dedicated to realize this important infrastructure project to offer national and international tourism an extraordinary first impression towards Mazatlan and the other municipalities in the south of the state.

In turn, restaurateur entrepreneur, Guillermo Romero Rodriguez, said that this work will change the face of terrestrial connectivity, and will put Mazatlan on another, more competitive level, to offer all tourists a better destination.

They also accompanied the secretary of SCT and the governor, the state secretary of Tourism, Oscar Pérez Barros; and of Public Works, Osbaldo López Angulo; the coordinator of Development Programs of the Government of Mexico, José Jaime Montes Salas, and the director of SCT Sinaloa Center, José Refugio Ávila Muro, as well as the mayors of Rosario, Manuel Pineda; of Escuinapa, Emmet Soto Grave, and del Choix, Rubén Omar Gil.

Technical data of the work:

260.5 million pesos of investment

Crown width of 12 meters.

Right of way width 40 meters.

465 thousand inhabitants benefited from the municipalities of Mazatlan, Concordia and Rosario

Estimated capacity of 1,600 vehicles daily

Source: pmxportal, el sol de mazatlan,

The Mazatlan Post