Nearly 60% of Mexicans say stop the migrants from Central America


AMLO must stop the migrants

They damage the community, consider 58.2% of the respondents; more than half believe that the government should prevent their passage to the country.

The arrival of Central American migrants to Mexico has caused an increase in the negative perception that the population has about them. According to the most recent survey conducted by EL UNIVERSAL, Mexicans express disagreement with the policies implemented by the federal government regarding the migration phenomenon.

Compared with the previous measurement, carried out in October 2018, there is a growth in the presence of Central American migrants in Mexico, in addition to an increase in the negative perception towards them: 52% of Mexicans arm that there are Central Americans in their community, seven points more than in the previous year.

Regarding the opinion about migrants, almost six out of 10 say that they harm the community and 30% say that they neither benet nor harm. The negative perception increased 24 points.

While in October 2018, when various Central American caravans arrived in Mexico, 37% of those interviewed were against being allowed into the country and given refuge, 62% currently assume that position, a 25% increase. points in a period of approximately six months.

In the last months of 2018, 47% said they were in favor of receiving and giving shelter to migrants , but in the recent survey this percentage decreases to 29%, almost 20 points.

In the same sense, 58% say they agree with the government of Mexico to prevent the passage of migrants trying to enter the country without documents, an increase of 10 points compared to last October. In contrast, 36% disagree with this measure.

Given the threats of the president of the United States, Donald Trump , to close the border with Mexico by the migratory ow, 49% of the respondents consider that the president will fulll his threat and 44% say he will not do it; 51% said that the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador should prevent the passage of migrants and another 24% asked to confront the president of the United States.


Source: El Universal

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