Mazatlán projects “inclusive beaches” for people with disabilities


“The Mazatlan municipal government promotes the creation of the “inclusive beach project”, for people with disabilities, which will be a national and international hit, and that has already been approved by the local authorities”, said Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres (aka “El Químico”).

“The inclusive beach will be a national and international boom, we will be developing this important project along with DIF Mazatlan, and we are going to improve the infrastructure for the arrival of cruise ships, ” El Quimico continued.

“Tourists need to feel they are staying in a friendly environment, as soon as they get off the cruise, or airplane” he added.

Benitez Torres said that the studies are being conducted to determine exactly where the beaches need to be adapted, in order to make them “inclusive”, and how much does it need to be invested for this project.

He specified that the characteristics of the inclusive beach are, for example, accessibility for handicp people, elderly or visually impaired, so they can go to the beach safely and enjoy their stay.

“We need ramps on streets and parking lots for wheelchairs, special signage for the blind and visually impaired and properly trained personnel to collaborate in the project,” El Quimico concluded.