Migrant caravan organizers group people from Central America the Caribbean and Africa towards the USA


The Undersecretary of Human Rights of the Ministry of the Interior  (Segob), Alejandro Encinas,  warned that the  caravan of Central American migrants who entered this weekend in Chiapas and goes to the northern border  is monitored by elements of the National Institute of Migration and Federal Police to detect alleged members of groups dedicated to human trafficking.

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He noted that although there is an opportunity to formally report their entry into national territory to have benefits, many of them did not, which means that there could be people linked to crime. 

“This surveillance is being monitored, they have to register, there is no legal impediment for this and we are in the investigation because there are groups of people trafficking and these issues that having the possibility of entering the country legally, regularly , orderly and safe is encouraging this type of practices that favor the organized crime network linked to human trafficking, “he explained.  

The new migrant caravan is estimated to be composed of some  1,500 people, some of them of Cuban origin and, of course, Salvadorans, Hondurans and Guatemalans, although people from Senegal, the Congo and Sierra Leone in Africa were also identified .

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It should be remembered that last Friday, after migrants from this same caravan sought to violently enter the facilities of INAMI in Tapachula in demand for internment permits, work was suspended until further notice, which caused them to group together to march towards the northern border of our country.

They will ask the Mexican government for a new opportunity and help them fulfill their dream of reaching the United States

The foreigners hand painted a blanket with the face of Benito Juarez and the flags of the Central American countries, which will be his banner to head the caravan that will depart on Saturday morning from Miguel Hidalgo’s central park in this city.

The group of foreigners has settled in the Pergola of the Miguel Hidalgo central park, where it will remain until Saturday morning to continue in this first Central American and Caribbean caravan. According to the organizers, they estimate that about 2,500 migrants from the island and migrants from Central America are gathered.

Mikel Hernández, a Cuban migrant, announced that due to the closure of the offices of the migratory regularization area, they have no choice but to join the Central American migrant caravan group.

The request they will make in this caravan to the government of Mexico, is to give them a new opportunity and help them fulfill their dream of coming to the United States to work and help their families.

“We promise that in every place we rest we will not make a fuss, we will clean and if the people of Mexico want to point food, water and if it is a tortilla with salt we will receive it with pleasure, we promise that we will not fail”, they asserted.

The group of Salvadorans said they will join this first caravan of Central America and the Caribbean, to reach the United States and others want to stay in some state of Mexico.

One of the Salvadorans who asked to omit his name, gave information about some of the migrants who want to stay in Mexico to work and do things well, after leaving their country of origin.

The Hondurans said they are organizing to take care of the women and children who will go on this new hike that will take the migratory route.

Leonel Antonio, who was in charge of painting and writing the message of Benito Juarez, respect for the rights of others is peace, reported they were inspired by the image of Benemerito de las Américas because he started from the bottom and managed to improve himself and get ahead.

He added that in his country there is not much work and the salary is very low, which has forced them to emigrate to Mexico to reach the United States.

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