Mexico: What kind of Guns can you have in your home according to the new law?


Those you cannot have are those for the exclusive use of the Army, Navy and Air Force; You must also have permission and give notice to the Sedena

Mexico.- After the publication in the Official Gazette of the Federation of the decree by which various provisions of the Constitution that are part of the National Guard policies are amended, added and repealed, some doubts have arisen regarding what type of Weapons may be kept at home.

In this regard, the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosivesexposes the type of artifacts that can be carried or possessed in homes and the general requirements to possess or carry a weapon, such as the permission and license of the Sedena.

In Article 7 of the Second Title on Possession and Carrying, Chapter I on Preliminary Provisions, Article 7 states that the possession of any firearm must be disclosed to the Ministry of National Defense, for the purpose of its registration in the Registry Federal Arms.

Article 8 expresses the type of weapons that are outside any permit or license and are those prohibited by law and those reserved for the exclusive use of the Army, Navy and Air Force, except in the cases of exception indicated in this Law.

The detail of the weapons that can be had in terms of law is expressed in article 9:

  • I. – Guns of semi-automatic operation of caliber not superior to the .380 (9mm.), Being excepted the pistols calibres .38 Super and .38 Command, and also in calibers 9 mm. the Mausser, Luger, Parabellum and Command, as well as the similar models of the same caliber of the exceptions, of other brands.
  • II.-Revolvers in calibers not exceeding .38 Special, except for the caliber .357 Magnum.
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The ejidatarios, cumuneros and day laborers of the field, outside the urban zones, will be able to possess and to carry with the single manifestation, a weapon of the already mentioned, or a rifle of caliber .22, or a shotgun of any caliber, except of the cannon of length less than 635 mm. (25), and those larger than 12 (.729 or 18. 5 mm.).

The second title on Possession and Portation, chapter II on possession of weapons at home indicates in article 15 that weapons may be possessed for the security and legitimate defense of its inhabitants. Their possession imposes the duty of manifesting them to the Secretariat of National Defense, for their registration and for each weapon their record will be recorded.

Article 16.- For the purposes of controlling the possession of weapons, natural persons must manifest, a single address of permanent residence for themselves and their families.

Article 17. – Any person who acquires one or more weapons, is obliged to manifest it to the Secretary of National Defense within a period of thirty days. The manifestation will be done in writing, indicating, brand, caliber, model and registration if it had it.

Regarding the licenses for carrying or possession of firearms, it states that there are two types, for individuals that must be renewed every two years and official, which will be valid while the assigned one performs the position or job that motivated them.

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