Mexico has gas for 200 years, so why is it importing gas


The head of the National Hydrocarbons Commission commented that the problem is that such import grows and therefore national production is a priority.

The head of the National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH), Hector Moreira Rodríguez, pointed out that Mexico has enough gas for the next 200 years, but it requires extracting it to revert imports that reach 85 percent of national consumption.

By participating in the Energy Transition panel in Mexico. Investment in renewable energies and reduction of imports of natural gas, commented that the problem is that such import grows and therefore national production is a priority.

He explained that the gas reserves are located from Tabasco to Tamaulipas and in the area of ​​Coahuila, for which it will be necessary to encourage their production to halve the volume of imports by 2024.

The CNH, he said, has identified around 200 gas areas and rounds 3.2 and 3.3 were very concentrated in the gas areas and are waiting for the exit signal of the Secretary of Energy (Sener) to start more gas rounds .

“With rounds that have light oil and high gas content. If we manage to take out around 50 lots each year, we can increase gas production and not only reach 2.6 million barrels per day of oil, but reduce gas imports by half, “he added.

It is vital, commented in the framework of the Expo Oil and Gas Mexico 2019, that all states have gas because it is difficult to compete and have industrial development if you do not have one.

In addition to the increased production of gas, he explained that there is the petrochemical industry, which comes from gas and the area with more quantities of associated chemical precursors such as ethane, propane, butane and others, is the southeast, but to the extent that it has declined production, petrochemical plants have run out of inputs.

Moreira Rodríguez explained that this is why importing the gas is very bad, because the Americans send the gas after the cryogenics and remove the elements and send only the methane.

“Failure to produce gas takes away the possibility of petrochemicals. There is another opportunity. We have to get more gas from the southeast, more from Tampico-Misantla and develop the petrochemical industry not only to generate heat or electricity, but for an industry that is the largest and most profitable in the world; and we are letting it go by not producing more gas, “he said.

In renewable energies, he considered that the best a country can have is hydroelectric power, since it does not cause greenhouse gases and are the most efficient, for which reason it would be necessary to analyze joint projects with Guatemala in the Usumacinta River region, which transits through both countries.

In relation to the new public policy of rescue of the energy sector, the commissioner of the CNH mentioned that this has been one of the great achievements of the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, when reconsidering the energy sector that was previously seen as a source of energy. income for the state.

He mentioned that Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) was seen as “the dairy cow” and not enough money was spent on exploration or maintenance so now thinking about how to strengthen the company “and rethink the model, is magnificent.”

He estimated that it will be a very big change, but it will be a reconversion from many points of view and not just to eliminate corruption but to what should be dedicated and what tax rate can be solved, because it is an indebted company with more than 100,000 million dollars .

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