Mazatlan taxi permits are in the hands of a few corrupt mafia union leaders


Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- After the confrontation between elements of the Ministry of Public Safety and taxi drivers, the mayor of Mazatlan Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, said there is a mafia within the unions, that’s why no government wanted to face them.

“Do not be silly, taxi permits issued are a few … there is a political mafia like everywhere. There are people that own 100 taxi permits out of 4 thousand, then I know we stepping on toes, they are accustomed to blackmailing governments, and governments for not losing votes had let this happen. We come to change the course of history, the direction of the city, and after talking with them because it is our obligation, we warned that to violate the law again, we would act with the public force, “he said.

Benitez Torres said that a large part of the responsibility for the bad seasons in the port was also due to the decisions made by transport unions.

“The message they send to tourists is that they do not come. I blame the leaders of taxi drivers who have had very difficult stages in Mazatlan and they are jointly responsible for that, not only has it been violence, they have also been the leaders, “he said.

The ‘Chemist’ Benitez accused the carriers of having wanted to blackmail him to stop blocking the road, but reiterated that this will not be allowed to happen.

“Yesterday I went to ask them personally to stop blocking the avenue, to move aside. They wanted to blackmail me and told me to release the first two (taxi drivers) we stopped and said NO, I repeat it again and again, neither the Mayor, nor they, nor anyone has the right to be above by law, and if they block an avenue, they are violating the law, “he said.

The mayor announced that Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel sent a message that there will be consequences for those who carried out this blockade.

“I congratulate the Governor, he needed to wrap his pants, it was necessary for the good of Mazatlan and on that road we go together and push him because that is what we have to do,” he concluded.

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