The New General Hospital of Mazatlan almost ready to attend to patients


In spite of the deficiencies, the current General Hospital attends 90 emergencies and 14 surgeries daily.

MazatlanSinaloa. – The new Mazatlan General Hospital will have new infrastructure and modern high technology medical equipment.

The general director of the hospital, Rodolfo Luis Osuna Flores, said that he is ready, but it will be the governor, Quirino Ordaz, who announces its opening.

He commented that despite its shortcomings and that it has already fulfilled its useful life, the current hospital continues to provide service to the population.

He explained that he still does not have the opening date of the new hospital, which will replace the one he has, however, daily they attend around 90 daily emergencies, in addition to 14 surgeries in each 24-hour shift. “We have a lot of productivity despite having a hospital that gave its useful life.”

Osuna Flores indicated that with the replacement of the General Hospital, more personnel will be needed to complement and cover all areas.

Source: EL Sol de Mazatlan

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