Negotiations to create Tourist Train in Sinaloa advance


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Although it has not been talked about for some time, the Sinaloa Tourist Train is making progress in its negotiations, informed Tourism Secretary in Sinaloa, Óscar Pérez Barros.

“The importance is in everything, the great challenge is to make known all the beauties we have in Sinaloa. I was with the Undersecretary of Tourism, and with the project that we brought from the south south, we put the Tourist Train on the table again, we are on the right track, they already asked us for other studies, they will help us with everything to make it a reality, It is ambitious, but we must not lose sight of it, “he said.

This train, it is contemplated, leave from Playa Espíritu in the south of Sinaloa, cross a large part of the municipalities and stop at key points in the state, finally connecting with the famous Chepe Train.

“That would be the great detonator of the south south, because with this we detonate Playa Espíritu, the Presidio River, Baluarte, the truth is very excited for how they perceive us and how they perceive the Sinaloa projects there in the Federal Sectur, but all the destinations are important We have to be going through everything, “he said.

Although recognized in Mazatlan is the “letter of introduction to tourists,” with the arrival of this train could detonate tourist activity in the rest of the state.

“Our letter of introduction is Mazatlan, but with that we have to take advantage of it to make known the wonders that are in Sinaloa,” he concluded.

Source: quepasaenmazatlanlinea

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