107 migrants intercepted in Reynosa, Tamaulipas


The Mexican authorities intercepted 107 migrants this Saturday, in different operatives, when they were about to cross into the United States from the city of Reynosa, in the state of Tamaulipas

“Federal and state corporations managed to rescue 107 migrants of Central American origin who were waiting to be crossed into the territory of the United States,” the government of Tamaulipas said in a bulletin, through the Ministry of Public Security.

The arrests took place in different parts of Reynosa, border town with the United States.

Of the total of 107 migrants, 72 were intercepted by the State Police, and the rest by federal institutions.

The first operation was carried out at 11:28 local time when the state agents responded to an anonymous telephone report, which warned that in the area of ​​Ampliación Villas del Roble there were four trucks with containers from where people were coming down.

“When they arrived at the site, they located a group of migrants who, when they noticed the police presence, tried to flee, but they finally stayed in the place,” the text said.

Several individuals fired on the security personnel, and this responded, which caused the death of one of the attackers, according to the authorities’ version.

A long weapon, loaders and cartridges were seized.

In another incident, at 14:00 local time, during a tour of security and surveillance, a group of state policemen saw a man walking on the side of the road, who turned out to be originally from Guatemala.

By continuing with the patrols, a group of men and women who identified themselves as Honduran and Guatemalan citizens were detected minutes later.

Faced with the facts, the State Police requested the support of the National Institute of Migration (Inami), an instance that will be in charge of reviewing the legal status in Mexican territory of these migrants.

“In this way, the National Institute of Migration (Inami) in Reynosa counted 107 people rescued in the different actions: 51 Guatemalans, nine Salvadorans and 47 Hondurans,” the bulletin concluded.

Thousands of undocumented people cross the Mexican territory every year, but during the crossing they are exposed to robberies, extortions, kidnappings and even murders by criminal gangs, as well as abuses by corrupt authorities.

In the last three months, several migrant caravans have arrived in the country, made up of thousands of people – mostly families and young people – who travel in groups to face insecurity.

This Saturday, a new caravan made up of about 1,200 people left Tapachula (Chiapas) heading north after several weeks waiting for a Mexican humanitarian visa.

Source; EFE

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