The two Islands you can visit while in Mazatlan


One of the most popular tours in Mazatlan is the tour to Isla de La Piedra. 

But there is another island that you can also visit and is in front of everyone’s sight, the island of deer.

Isla de La Piedra

The island of the stone is technically no longer an island because it can be reached by car. But this little detail does not take away that it is a good place to enjoy its beach, eat seafood in one of its many restaurants, take a banana ride, travel the island in four-wheel or on a horse.

In front of the beaches of Isla de La Piedra is Cardon island which is one of the islands that serves as a refuge for birds and are UNESCO heritage. 

On the other side of Isla de La Piedra is the Estrella Del Mar Hotel and Golf Resort where when in season turtles can be released from the turtle camp that is there. 

To get to Isla de La Piedra there are several options, as we mentioned you can get there driving taking the exit to the island on the way to Mazatlan airport, you can take a catamaran tour with open barand a walk through the bay of Mazatlan that includes 3 hours of stay on the island; or the fastest and most economical way to take a panga in one of the 2 piers that cross the navigation channel to the island, charging between 30 and 35 pesos for the round trip.

Why do they call it a stone island if it is not an island?

The island of the stone used to be an island, it could only be entered by a communication route that connected it with the area of ​​Huizache-Caimanero, of the municipality of El Rosario.

Over the years, the 20 km road that connects the island of the stone with the road that goes to the airport was built.

The ejido Isla de La Piedra ” Stone Island” was established in 1936 and its main activity at that time was the production of coconut, the sowing of tomato and other vegetables and then supplemented with tourism.

The island of deer 

The island of deer or the middle of its 3 islands in Mazatlan can only be reached by boat that can be a kayak, a cat hobby, a panga, a trimaran, a catamaran or a yacht.

The island of deer is a paradise, so you have to keep it clean and not leave any garbage. On the island there is no electricity, there is only one restaurant that has some umbrellas, chairs and beds for rent. 

It is recommended to bring what you need but they do sell coconuts, soft drinks, and seafood in the restaurant. 

Island of deer

Among the activities you can do there, besides going for a swim to the beach or sunbathing for a while, is a recommended place to snorkel because the water of the island, unlike that of the beaches of Mazatlan, is less turbid and transparent. 

You can hike 2 high parts of the island, you can ask for support from the people who take you to cross to the island to accompany you to these places or tell you how to get there. 

And you can relax sitting on the shore of the beach with a unique view of the hotel zone and the boardwalk of Del Mar Avenue, Paseo Claussen and high waves. 

The cost to get to the island of deer depends on the way you are going to arrive and goes from 150 pesos up but it is worth going to know.

Can the island of Birds be visited?

The bird island located to the right of the island of deer is not mentioned as an island that can be visited because it is a natural refuge for birds and part of the “Area of ​​protection of flora and fauna islands of the Gulf of California” and is needed SEMARNAT authorization to visit it for tourism purposes (Source: DOF )

If you visit the island of birds independently according to the consulted document, it is forbidden to alter the place, feed the local fauna, deforest, destroy, make fires, throw or leave waste in the area among many others that you can consult here in chapter IX

But it is better to admire it from a distance or to surround it with a kayak so as not to disturb in any way the species that live there

Which island in Mazatlan should I visit?

These 2 islands are very different from each other. If you like to sit in a restaurant, be served, free bars and planned tours you may like the island of stone more. 

If you like something more natural, without electricity and that is exciting since you get on the boat that jumps on the waves to reach a beach with transparent water you will probably enjoy the island of deer more.

Source: mazatleco

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