Nightmare vacation: he traveled to Mexico to rest, but was mistaken for an international criminal


Tony Smith wanted to spend a few days off, but when he arrived in Mexico he knew something was wrong and ended up deported

Tony Smith dreamed of spending a vacation of luxury and relaxation in Cancun, Mexico, but the British pensioner was deported after being mistaken for an international criminal.

The 66-year-old man traveled from West Sussex to Mexico last November with his wife Carole and what they imagined as a dream day turned into a nightmare after Tony spent three days in the airport in Cancun , in a tiny room. without windows and treated as if it were a “serial killer”.

So far, he does not know the exact reason for his detention. He was only told that his name was on a list of international criminals under the watchful eye of the United States.Carole, who has been married to Tony for 30 years, explained to the Daily Mail that vacations were rare from the beginning, as they could not check-in via the web and once at the airport, the airline employee could not print the tick

Once they were boarding, an alert was issued when Tony’s ticket passed and when they landed in Mexico, the man was taken to a room and not to the line to pass passport control.

Tony was questioned about why he was in the country, how much money he had and if he had been to America before . After he was photographed and his fingerprints let him go, he was arrested again and then informed that he would spend three days at the airport before being deported.

Carole had to travel alone to the hotel they had booked and started making calls to her four children and the British consulate, but they told her that they could not do much because her husband had not been arrested, but had been arrested.

The couple traveled to Cancun to spend their vacations (Photo; Archive)
The couple traveled to Cancun to spend their vacations

“I knew there were suspicions that my husband was an international criminal, but to me it sounded like he was being treated as a serial killer,” the wife declared.

Finally, the couple met three days later, although Tony got on the plane surrounded by security people.

After the difficult experience he experienced, Tony Smith learned that he has the same name as several wanted criminals in the United States, although not the same date of birth.

He also learned that the airlines share details of the flights over Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico and although the flight never steps on US territory they have the information of the criminals wanted in that country.

Although the nightmare ended for Tony, the British pensioner fears that the same thing will happen to him again.

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