Israel, willing to help Mexico in public security


The ambassador of Israel in our country, Jonathan Peled, emphasizes that there will be a good business environment; binational interests outweigh the colors of parties, says

With a view to updating the Free Trade Agreement that it has with Mexico in 2020, Israel ratifies its friendship with this country and is ready to support and contribute everything that the new government, headed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, declared to Notimex the ambassador of that nation, Jonathan Peled.

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He commented that Israel views with good eyes the fight undertaken by the Government of Mexico against corruption, as it is one of the main challenges to face in order to achieve sustainable growth.

In addition to the fight against insecurity, he stressed, a good business environment will be fostered, which in turn will strengthen the confidence among foreign businessmen to invest in Mexico. This is a formula that applies everywhere in the world.

In matters of public security, he assured that Israel is in the best disposition to support and contribute to Mexico, as well as to reduce the social gap and inequality, which are the objectives in which it trusted that the new government will advance.

The diplomat said that this Middle East nation has an increasingly close relationship with the new Mexican government and reiterated its willingness to update the Mexico-Israel Free Trade Agreement by 2020, in order to expand it to the electronic sector, to the protection of investments and by strengthening their agricultural and technological trade.

Currently, he said, the trade balance favors Israel, but when free trade opens up to other areas there would be a more balanced trade exchange that will benefit the two nations.

He recalled that he had a brief meeting with President López Obrador after his triumph on July 1 and that he subsequently met with several secretaries and undersecretaries.

The friendship with Mexico, he said, does not depend on who heads the government, since the same Middle East country has had excellent relations with PRI admiration, PAN and now with Morena.

“In the end the common interests between both peoples, exceed the colors of the parties and whoever is there as prime minister or who is here as president of the Mexican Republic,” he said.

Throughout 67 years of diplomatic relations, he stressed, Mexico has gained significant importance for Israel not only because of its geographic location in Latin America, but because it has a commercial exchange of the order of one billion dollars, just a little lower of what they have with Brazil.

He added that currently Israel has investments of around three billion dollars in Mexico, where some 200 companies based in national territory participate, not to mention the intense cultural and academic exchange that is carried out by both sides.

He explained that Israel is not only the main economic partner of Mexico in the Middle East, they also share values ​​and interests as democratic countries, which has been ratified in the reciprocal State visits recently made by the leaders of the two countries.

Peled reiterated that his country can offer assistance and cooperation to the new government, in order to achieve its strategic goals and address the priorities that have been imposed, mainly in urban development issues and with the fight against deforestation through programs such as Sowing Lifetime.

There is also interest in supporting Mexico in matters related to improvements in its water resources, in agricultural technology and in civil protection to face contingencies such as earthquakes and other natural phenomena.

The Israeli ambassador stressed that several business delegations have visited Mexico in recent months because they see in this country a very important market, which also has a free trade agreement between both countries and the Treaty Mexico, the United States and Canada (TMEC ).

For Israel, he insisted, Mexico has great potential because of its manpower and great manufacturing power, as well as its strong internal market, which is of great interest to Israeli companies and “we have a good expectation that the commercial participation and economic grow. “

He clarified that regardless of the ratification of the TMEC, Israel continues with its business in Mexico; while in the tourist sector about 40 thousand Israelites visit this country every year and about 30 thousand Mexicans travel to Israel.

In addition, in Mexico there is a community of about 45 thousand Mexican Jewish inhabitants, whose economic, intellectual, cultural and social contribution is one of the most significant, without neglecting that they are an important bridge between Mexico and Israel, concluded Jonathan Peled.

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