Puerto Costa Maya opens fourth cruise berth


Mexico’s Puerto Costa Maya today handled four cruise ships at berth for the first time, thanks to the completion of its pier expansion.

Two Oasis-class ships simultaneously

This added a 152-meter section to extend Berth 4, and to stretch Berth 3 on the other side of the pier to a length able to handle an Oasis-class ship. With this, Costa Maya is able to serve two Oasis-size vessels simultaneously.

On time, on budget

The expansion was completed on time and on budget, according to Robert Shamosh, commercial affairs, ITM Group. ‘ITM is honored to be part of this industry,’ he said. ‘We look forward to providing amazing destinations for all cruise passengers.’

Anne Kalosh

Anne Kalosh
Editor, Seatrade Cruise News & Senior Associate Editor Seatrade Cruise Review

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