Mexican family will travel the world on a sailboat


The Mexican Irigoyen Sánchez family, made up of five members, sailed from the port of Acapulco aboard the Aldivi sailboat to travel the world, on a trip that will last two and a half years.

It was born as a dream 20 years ago and Alejandro Irigoyen  now makes it a reality as a family mission. He will travel with his wife Bernadette Sánchez and their three children around the world, carrying a message of peace.

The family originally from Puebla left from the port of Acapulco.

Bernadette Sánchez , wife of Alejandro Irigoyen, said in an interview that this dream of traveling the world on a sailboat was born when her husband was in the ocean sailing 20 years ago and said that when he turned 45 he would make this trip.

“With this trip we seek to integrate ourselves as a family and seek a special time away from technology, distractors from the city and bring the message of peace to the world,” said Bernadette Sánchez.

The crossing will last approximately two and a half years. Relatives of Puebla went say farewell to the Irigoyen Sánchez for the start of their trip around the world.

In an interview for Al Aire with Paola Rojas, Alejandro and Bernadette told how they planned their trip and what they expect from this tour of the world.

“We are going on a mission, almost as ambassadors of peace,” said the father of the family.

He explained that the president of the International Committee of the Flag of Peace, Dr. Alicia Rodríguez, named them messengers of peace and championed her sailboat.

Source: Televisa News

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