AMLO government action against Daily Reforma revives fears of many Mexicans


Party leaders and human rights organizations in Mexico questioned the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) for trying to put pressure on the newspaper Reforma through the Tax Administration System (SAT), which has revived the fear of many Mexicans about how The leftist leader can gradually curtail civil liberties.


The SAT quoted Alejandro Junco de la Vega, president of Grupo Reforma, and his wife, Rosa Laura Elizondo, as shareholders, for an alleged difference of 12,000 Mexican pesos in the fiscal year four years ago, which led to the pronouncement of recognized personalities in the political sphere and of Mexican society.

“Nobody is forced to read a newspaper that he does not like. What is not valid is to invent reasons to disqualify the environment. That is exactly what AMLO has done in attacking @Reforma, “said José Miguel Vivanco, director of the Americas Division of Human Rights Watch.

“In the face of absolute power, freedom. Faced with the systematic lie, the truth, “said the historian Enrique Krauze on his Twitter account.

Meanwhile, political scientist Denise Dresser considered that AMLO so-called Fourth Transformation says it is different, but acts the same as previous governments. 

“Here is the most recent example: the government using its power to intimidate. Today it was @Reforma but tomorrow could be anyone of us if we do not report unacceptable behavior in a democracy, “he said.

“We denounce this new act of intolerance of the AMLO Government, now its against @Reforma and freedom of expression,” warned PAN national leader Marko Cortés. “In @AccionNacional we express our full support for #Reforma, this form of intimidation and censorship of their journalistic work is not characteristic of a democratic State.”

Ángel Ávila, of the collegiate leadership of the PRD, expressed solidarity with these measures and described the newspaper as a free and independent media. “False that is conservative and fifí. The statements of the President @lopezobrador against a means of communication are very unfortunate. Freedom of the press and expression are values ​​that we must defend, “he said.

Source: mundo hispano

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