Mexican Supreme Court says Uber can operate in Los Cabos


Los Cabos, BCS.- The service of Uber in Los Cabos can be given without any restriction after the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation ruled that they can operate in Baja California Sur because they do not consider public transport, but rather they are a benefit between individuals through a private digital platform.

Uber executives announced that this Monday they would start activities in the tourist destination of Los Cabos, causing the taxi guilds to move on federal roads and later on the municipal palace esplanade, where they had the commitment of the Armida Castro Guzmán government that they were going to sanction those who exercise a service without the corresponding concessions.

Even in interviews with the local radio the head of the General Directorate of Public Safety, Preventive Police and Municipal Transit, Juan José Zamorano, said they would apply the law against Uber since they do not have a concession to operate in the tourist destination of Los Cabos

However, in an interview with the journalist Ligia Romero from Tribuna de Los Cabos, the Secretary General of the Government Álvaro de La Peña acknowledged that Uber has a resolution of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation to operate and that the State Government, which regulates the public transport has to oblige.

According to the interviewee, because Uber is a private transport, the Transportation Law in Baja California Sur does not even contemplate it and therefore they do not have legal instruments to stop them, in addition to the fact that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation has given a decision to operate in the entity.

Source: octaviadia

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