Moto clubs reach an agreement for the Mazatlan legendary Moto Week to proceed


As planned, this will take place from April 24 to 28, only missing that both groups meet with the mayor and this authorizes the permits.

Mazatlan .- After several weeks of negotiations between competing motorcycle clubs for Moto Week 2019, at last the pieces of the puzzle are staying in place.

Yesterday, at a press conference, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres said that what they are looking for is to save the event and not steal it , as motorcyclists accuse him.

He explained that given the impossibility for the groups to reach an agreement, he would give the permit to a third party, which, he assured, would not be the Cultural Institute of Mazatlan.

There is already agreement

At that time, ” The Mayor” was not informed that José Arturo Andrade Osuna and Roberto Castañeda, presidents of the divided groups of Motoclub Mazatlán , assured that there is already an agreement between both to celebrate Motorcycle Week between the 24th and April 28, and the only thing that was missing was to provide them with the corresponding permits to close streets, run the event as such, create alternative routes and sell alcohol.

Given this information, the mayor replied that the agreement must be made in writing before a notary public and the media as guests of honor and that, after that, there will be no impediment for Moto Week to be held in Mazatlan.

He said that he had given a deadline to both groups to reach an agreement, which has already expired, but expressed interest in extending it as long as things are done in the best way.

Change the date

Finally, he expressed his interest in changing the date of Motorcycle Week to May, by tourist recommendations, which he considered it would be opportune to talk about it at this time because “Easter week is a touristy week for Mazatlan. Moving the week, I would propose it in May … because we would be able to bring many tourists to Mazatlan in another week “. 

Source: El Debate

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