Kaligua, the King of the Richest Cochito “trigger fish” in Mazatlan


Feliciano Avelino García Villanueva, better known as “Kaligua”, the “king of the cochito” has an experience of 30 years and four months in the preparation of the rich dishes prepared with shrimp and cochito “trigger fish” on the side of the Villa Galaxia CEBETI.

“Kaligua” says that it was the students themselves who gave him this nickname and he never knew why, but the important thing is that for three decades he has been there in that place to the delight of the boys with the seafood on tostitos, toasts or plates, with lots of lemon and some sauces from the house.

But also for the palate of neighbors and many other colonies, because there are people who are now parents of young people who now also study at the CEBETI, and they ask their children to bring them a dish of well-prepared “cochito” because the “Kaligua” is a guarantee of good eating.

Very pleasant to talk, Feliciano Avelino says that the “little cochito” buys it in the Juarez colony as fresh as possible and prepares it just as much as love for him.

He says that the little cochito prepares him minced, he puts onion, tomato, cucumber, pepper, salt and lemon to tan to these pieces of fish market. He says he feels very satisfied because it is a very familiar business and people come from all levels, from simple people to artists, politicians, footballers, baseball players like Eber Gómez and Juan José Pacho.

“Kaligua” indicated that cochito is the dish that sells the most, while students look for cochito with tostitos. The dishes he prepares are cochito with shrimp, with a saw, and people “kill” themselves with the three delicious homemade sauces, aguachile, habanero and tree.

Source: Sel

The Mazatlan Post