They locate the body of Chihuahuan tourist who disappeared in the sea of ​Mazatlan


Among the clothes of the deceased was located a credential of the young Miguel Jacob Herrera Arrieta, disappeared since last March 2

Mazatlan, Sin.-  The report of a body without life that was floating on the beaches of Mazatlan, was reported by fishermen from Playa Norte two kilometers from the shore around 6:30 am on Friday, when the authorities arrived They reported that the body had been lost sight of.

It was at approximately 9:45 a.m., that elements of the Aquatic Rescue Corps, in coordination with the Secretariat of the Navy, located the victim whom they presumably related to a man originally from Chihuahua who has been missing since last Saturday morning.

The deceased wears black jacket, denim trousers, and was confirmed by a credential that deals with the young Miguel Jacob Herrera Arrieta, a Chihuahua tourist reported as missing since March 2.

In information provided by the Secretary of Public Security in Sinaloa, Cristobal Castañeda Camarillo, it was indicated that work is being done to rescue the body and will be transferred to the Fourth Naval Zone in a vessel of the Secretariat of the Navy

Source: Linea Directa

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