Mazatlan Carnival leaves economic benefits of 508 million pesos


The Carnival of Mazatlan left an economic gains of 508 million pesos generated the attendance of more than 1.3 million people

Mazatlan.- The Carnival of Mazatlan left an economic gain of 508 million pesos generated the attendance of more than 1.3 million people to the various events that took place from February 27 to March 5.

At the conference “Facing the People”, the Chemist Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres described as a success Carnival 2019 “Equinoccio, the rebirth of the senses”, which attracted 380 thousand visitors who packed the hotels in the area near the area carnival.

We have global statistics, 1.3 million attendees, 27 percent more than last year; 182 thousand people in Olas Altas, 169 thousand in coronations and events, 614 thousand attendees in the first parade and 407 thousand spectators in the second parade, “he explained.

“We had the attendence of 380 thousand tourists, 98 percent of average occupancy in hotels and an economic benefit for Mazatlan of 508 million pesos, is 70 percent more than in 2018 the economic impact.”

The good behavior of the citizenship and the work of organization of paramunicipals and directions of the City council were key so that the celebration of the town was carried out in order and with satisfactory numbers in all the senses.

The Mayor also stressed the importance of the low injuries achieved during the Carnival and the low statistics in terms of detainees arrested or detained by Police and Good Government.

We are proud of what we did among all, mainly the citizens, who had an excellent behavior during Carnival, I was surprised even by the few detainees that there were by isolated events, the truth is that people enjoyed it, he said.

“What am I taking away from this carnival? The gratitude of the people that I was demonstrating to wherever I went.”

The first mayor of Mazatlan, the city of Carnival, said he was satisfied with the work done by all the municipal agencies such as the Institute of Culture, the DIF System, which achieved an inclusive Carnival; the Directorate of Public Services, the Mayor’s Office, the Ministry of Public Security and the Civil Protection Coordination, to mention the ones most involved in the party.

In the figures presented in the general balance of the Carnival, he highlighted the work of the staff of Aseo Urbano and Parks and Gardens, which was responsible for keeping the carnival area clean every day, collecting almost 400 tons of garbage during the party.

The Chemist said that beyond the free events, the Mazatlan appreciated the order that was imposed during events such as the parade, as citizens were tired of corruption and the hoarding of space by a few with the complicity of previous administrations , situation that was eradicated and will not be presented during his government.

“They told me thank you very much for the Carnival that we gave them, but they told me a tough hand against the speculators, a meta order in Mazatlan (…) and we will not take a step backwards to bring order to this city, I know we tread on tripe I know we are tempting interests, but there is not a step back This changes because it changes, it is our commitment, it is the commitment with the citizenship and it is the commitment with the President of Mexico, “he concluded.

Source: El Debate

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