Guadalajara Jalisco negotiates investments for 222 million dollars on tour of Silicon Valley


From the Sedeco it was specified that in this mission 27 meetings between business and government were generated with very positive results.

During the work tour of a Jalisco delegation, both from the private sector and the government, to the Silicon Valley technology park in California, negotiations for 222 million dollars were completed to invest this 2019 in this entity.

At a press conference, Ernesto Sánchez Proal, head of the Economic Development Secretariat (Sedeco), said that in this tour 27 meetings between business and government were generated with very positive results for the economic growth of Jalisco.

“Those 222 million dollars will bring with them four thousand 440 jobs, of which approximately half, around two thousand jobs are of engineering level, that is, we are talking about well-paid jobs,” the official added.

New opportunities

He recalled that the tour was held from February 26 to March 2 with the aim of introducing new government officials, establish contact with business leaders and public agencies of California and continue the already successful relationship between the two regions.

“It was to open new business opportunities for companies in the sector and identify new technologies, markets and investment funds interested in investing in companies in Jalisco,” said Alfonso Pompa Padilla, head of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology (SICyT). .

He added that it was found that Jalisco and, in particular, the Metropolitan Area of ​​Guadalajara (AMG), is the favorite destination of Silicon Valley companies and investment groups to develop their technological capabilities, their companies, invest in new ones and create new projects. in established companies.

There were 27 meetings in total, of which six were with the electric-electronic sector; six with the development of software and technological solutions; six with the service sector; six with biotechnology; four with governmental instances and three with the education sector.

Among the achievements are the opening of two software development centers in the AMG at the hands of Human API and another biotechnology company; Jabil will begin manufacturing an iconic project in Jalisco and Flex will grow its operations in Tlajomulco and Zapopan.

HP Inc will create centers of excellence in automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and quality management systems. Generá a commercial impulse, of the new generation of 3D printers, from Jalisco nationwide.

Oracle, from its center in Jalisco, will transform businesses with intelligence, superior cloud, autonomous database, among others; Sanmina will grow its Product Design and Development laboratories from four to six in the entity and Google will start with its “Google Station” project to access Wi-Fi anywhere.

Design Thinking

In addition, the Training Program in Innovation and Design Thinking will be developed for 30 leaders of the innovation centers network of Jalisco and the Universities with the Train Trainers for Jalisco model in agreement with Stanford University.

That is one of the many education projects to provide tools to students and teachers of the entity.

“We found a common denominator, the need that the educational system has for training each time young people who are more aligned to this knowledge-based economy, a constant was that the fact that new literacy should be given in the digital”, explained Juan Carlos Flores Miramontes, head of the Jalisco Secretariat of Education (SE).

He announced that an agreement was created with NASA to train teachers and students to apply sector learning and culminate in stays in the government agenda through tournaments and programs.

The agency will also offer training and certification of technical skills for workers, through the IDEFT (Training Institute for Work of the State of Jalisco).

Hand in hand, start the educational program “Educating for Life” with Google, which will provide chromebooks for 50 schools in the state.

“What we achieved with Google, which has a very intense project, we started with training of teachers of secondary education and higher secondary education in the field of transfer to the model of digitization with Google tools for education,” said Flores Miramontes.

The Artificial Intelligence Center-IoT will also be built with the advice and support of Google Cloud.

Source: Notiimex

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