Mazatlan: Vacationers pose as migrants


Mazatlan, Sin.- False migrants have registered at the Cáritas shelter, which were denied support because they were families in the mazatlan who are on vacation for the Carnival.

The director of the private assistance institution, Rafael Martínez Gallardo, said that it is common for cases to appear in this carnival period, of people arriving in the city from different parts of the Mexican Republic.

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Sometimes people arrive at this time of the year for the Carnival and know about the shelter, so they go there to look for the help and accommodation.

Most of these people, he said, pass themselves off as migrants, so they approach the staff of the institution to ask for the support they provide there.

Their features, speech and even the type of luggage they carry, he says, is what betrays the false foreigners who come to request shelter assistance, which the agency offers exclusively to migrants who come or are deported from the United States.

Once discovered, he said, Cáritas restricts support to people who do not really need it, since it is only intended for foreigners who come or go from the neighboring northern country.

Martinez Gallardo, said, know very well the person who is a migrant and who is not, because it is easy to detect who is actually just on vacation in the city.

They approach Cáritas, he said, for the sole purpose of avoiding the expenses generated by the lodging service of a hotel, so they pretend to be migrants.

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He recognized the institution that makes exceptions to people from places in the region, to which they are given a space when asking for help, because they accompany some sick person.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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