The joy of the Mazatlan Carnival floods hearts of thousands


The first parade is lived with party, confetti and the traditional tambora on avenida del mar.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The excitement was felt in the air, the Carnival parade, one of the most anticipated events by Mazatlecos and visitors, was about to begin; In the Avenida del Mar, more than 500 thousand people gathered, some arriving from Sunday afternoon, while others in order to see color and magic up close, camped from Thursday.

The tambora, the beer and the confetti, were where you looked, it is Carnival and the “patasalada” knows it, for that reason, complete families, go out to enjoy life, to dance and hope to see those tall and majestic allegorical cars, which They make forget the problems and allow them, through the senses, to enjoy the magic and the carnivalesque joy.

“Where do you come with us?

From here in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, we come to enjoy the Carnival, the entire Jiménez Mata family, we are a lot and a kilo oiga “.

During the wait thousands of children could be seen playing with foam, with swords of light, crowns, balloons and infinity of artifacts and colorful toys, but what they could enjoy them, was thanks to vendors, who mostly came from very far away to offer the best entertainment to the smallest of the home.

“I come from León and if we have sold very well”.

“I come from Guadalajara.

What do you offer the Mazatleco?


“I am from Guadalajara.

What do you offer the public?

“The whistle and the bubble”.

When the parade began, the screams and applause did not stop being heard; the maximum celebration of the port had begun, thousands of characters that represented the seasons of the year and even the different ecosystems of the port, made their way. The comparsas, young people who printed joy and effort in their dance, complemented the majestic allegorical cars.

“Are you prepared to handle the whole journey?

“Yes, we are willing.”

How many times did they rehearse?

“Days, months, we rehearsed months to achieve this and win the contest.”

The first Mazatlan parade had 47 cars of which 32 were allegorical, they made a route from the monument to the fisherman, better known by the Mazatlecos as “the bichis monkeys”, until they reach the gull roundabout, making a journey of 4 kilometers

Source: Linea Directa

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