Rarámuris and Mestizo children live an adventure in Los Mochis


Students from the Tamujé Iwigara school, from Creel, Chihuahua visited the Trapiche Museum and the Benjamin Francis Johnston Botanical Garden.

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Under the motto “Knowing the sea”, twenty students from the Tamujé Iwigara school, from Creel, Chihuahua, arrived at Los Mochis in Chepe to fulfill a dream.

The children walked for hours through the lungs of the city walking the walkways, bridges and trails.

These are Rarámuris and mestizo children who long to know the sea.

Their curiosity led them to visit every corner of the botanical garden.

Before doing so, they began their adventure in the city with a tour of the Trapiche Museum and the Benjamin Francis Johnston Botanical Garden . 

 In the plantation, the assistant Abel Soto spoke to them about the botanical collection they have.

The children will continue today their journey in Camahuiroa, where they can make their dream come true and on their return to Los Mochis, they will visit El Maviri and Topolobampo.

They said that they liked the experience and that they want to return to the botanical garden.

The students are accompanied by four teachers and will return to their homes next Tuesday.

They took plant species from the region, from the country and from other places on the planet.

Source: El Debate

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