More migrants from Haiti, Venezuela and Chile will arrive in Tijuana


In the coming days to Tijuana will arrive large groups of migrants from Haiti, Venezuela, and Chile

This was announced by Gustavo Banda Aceves, pastor of the Ambassadors of Jesus Church.

He expressed his concern because the Haitians who live in Tijuana were suspended from their humanitarian card, which allows them access to employment, education, medical, among other services. Banda Aceves commented that every week 100 Haitians arrive at the Entity.

On the other hand, he said that his church is already prepared to receive the exodus of migrants, because last Sunday a new space with capacity for 250 people was inaugurated in Little Haiti, located in the Canyon of the Alacranes. 

Before the end of this year, the pastor has the challenge of building another space for 250 more people.


The Mazatlan Post