Tourist dies after a boat accident at Isla de la Piedra


Isla de La Piedra: A tourist, who was visiting the port, was hit by a boat on the Isla de la Piedra.

The injured was identified as Julio César “N”, 28, from Monterrey, Nuevo León.

Information collected, indicate that apparently, the young man was looking for something that had been lost in the sea, so he entered the water to search the sand and left seconds later.

It was said that a panga that pulled a “banana”, passed over the young man, who at that time was submerged in the water and was hit by the propellers of the small boat.

It was said that the victim had injuries to the arms, hips and head caused by the unit.

The young man was taken by paramedics from the Red Cross to the Clínica del Mar to receive medical attention, as he was in a delicate state.
A few hours later he died due to the injuries received.

Source: sinaloahoy

The Mazatlan Post