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AMLO’s 3 airports plan will fail: IATA

The simultaneous operation of three airports will hinder the airline business and will impact the economy, warns the International Air Transport Association.

MEXICO CITY – The global airline industry warned that operating three airports simultaneously in the Mexican capital will not solve the saturation problem facing the capital’s airport.

“The airport in Mexico City is already operating at its maximum capacity, it is possible to increase it, but not duplicate it,” said Alexandre de Juniac, general director of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), during the start of the Aviation Forum in Mexico that takes place this Thursday.

The executive stressed that the simultaneous air operation of the military base in Santa Lucia, the International Airport of Mexico City (AICM) and the Toluca aerodrome will hinder the business of the airlines and will impact the Mexican economy.

“The decision to leave the new airport makes the operation of the airlines more difficult and will also harm the Mexican economy,” de Juniac said.

The Mexican government decided to cancel the construction of the New Mexico International Airport. For this purpose, it allocated around 41,500 million pesos to liquidate bonds and an investment vehicle -which they will pay for this day-, Fiber E, which would be used to build the airport in Texcoco.

“Yes, it is a huge challenge”, acknowledged Javier Jiménez Espriú, Secretary of Communication and Transport, during his participation. “We are obliged and clearly wish to invite all airlines that arrive in Mexico and Mexico to participate in the logistical analysis of what we have to do,” added the official during his participation at the end of the words of Alexandre de Juniac.

Jiménez Espriú explained that the study of the airspace to operate the commercial airport at the Santa Lucía military base will be carried out by NavBlue in a period of six months.

However, the IATA official added that there should be good air and land traffic management, otherwise the potential of the airport will be reduced, as is the case with London. In addition, he said, the military should be trained to build and operate a civilian airport.

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