Americans in Mazatlan get ahead with art


* The couple arrived a year and a half ago 
* They were robbed; they work to eat every day

Coming from the United States, with relatives in Mexico for a few years, the pair of artists lives daily in Mazatlan.

Cristóbal Guardado, an American by birth, sees a quiet place in the port, where his ability has allowed him to earn money to eat.

“I can do lp you ask me, here like painting logs or designing signs for business or things like that,” he said.

25 years ago, he worked as a tattoo artist, however, he has learned to transport his art to what people need.

Accompanied by Stacy, his partner, they are currently employed at the Playa Bonita restaurant, with a telephone available for hiring.

It is at 6691170021, with José Luis, where people can look for the couple and offer handmade work they can develop.

Source: Sel

The Mazatlan Post