Yes there will be Moto Week in the Mazatlan, said Mayor


he mayor warned the organizers of the event that they have to reach an agreement before the Carnival, otherwise it will be the City of Mazatlan who will be responsible for making the Moto Week 2019.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- If there will be Moto Week, assured the municipal president Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres. Warns that if the organizers of the event do not agree, the City of Mazatlan will hold the party. The president says that if before the Carnival there is no agreement, then he warned that the commune will begin with the organization of the event.

Benitez Torres accepts that there are already reservations at the port hotels, so they can not affect the sector by a lawsuit between two organizations. In order to carry out Moto Week, he said that they will advise with people who have already participated in other events, as well as with Culture staff and other dependencies of the commune.

During the week, the last meeting with the organizers will be held and he stressed that this will be the last opportunity they have to reach a favorable agreement for all.

Source: El Debate

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