A Mexican girl won a prize in nuclear science for her invention


She is Xóchitl, a girl from Chiapas who at the age of 8 has already won an award for nuclear science thanks to the invention she created and with which she seeks to support her community.

The Institute of Nuclear Science of the UNAM has given a recognition that gives outstanding women who have performed outstanding scientific activities.

Her invention is a heater that works with the sun, and which seeks to support low-income people in their community so they can bathe with hot water.

This heater has two glass doors, outlet hoses that connect with boats, a hose that goes to the water tank and bottles. Although it seemed relatively ‘simple’, at 8 years old he has already managed to support other people in Chiapas.

During an interview, the child stressed that “there are low-income people who do not have to buy the heaters, so what they do is cut the trees to get firewood.”

Her idea is that with this heater people do not cut down trees, have hot water and also stresses that it helps to avoid global warming. Is not your initiative amazing?

Here we leave you the complete interview so you can see his invention with your own eyes: 

Source: alfredo alvarez, imagen television

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