Mazatlans Juan Pistolas, the “Solitary Singer”


At almost 80 years old, he likes being called “Juan Pistolas”. He is an urban singer, above all a rancher and he sings alone and only accompanied by a horn, microphone, a “guiro” that works as a maraca and his husky voice.

In the interview, there near Teléfonos de México on Insurgentes Avenue, Juan Pistolas, who wears dark glasses with the figure of two golden pistols on his Texan hat, claims to be a happy person, although at this moment he is sad in the streets and singing with feigned joy, they have disappeared his grandson Christian. He fears for his life and asks to be released.

But Juan Pistolas is not everyone, although in these years he has been riding the urban trucks offering his music and singing. He says he worked with the famous group Los Bravos del Norte, but after a lawsuit they stabbed him in the throat affecting the oral cords.

In his stage as a singer, he worked with the popular Don Antonio Aguilar, back in Zacatecas. He also states that he was a soldier and was in the Sixth Cavalry Regiment.

Already entered the interview we asked for some songs and sang tasty first with the “Corrido de Mazatlán, later with” Mi Gusto Es “and ended with a medley with some melodies of” Piporro “, among others.

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The Mazatlan Post