Mexican creates towers capable of purifying the air


A young Mexican created a tower with microalgae, which has the ability to filter the air, as 360 trees would.

Carlos Monroy Sampieri, is a young Mexican who created towers with microalgae filters that can filter the air with carbon dioxide to transform it into oxygen, in the same way, that trees do.

Under the name of BIOURBAN , these towers operate under a system of biofiltration of atmospheric pollutants, which are captured and filtered by microalgae that, through photosynthesis, transform carbon dioxide into oxygen, thus improving air quality.

In addition, during this process the towers eject biomass that can be used to manufacture biofuel or as a compost.

The towers are equipped with sensors that monitor the quality of the air and are self-sustaining because they work with solar energy.

A filter you throw and contaminates, and in this case, microalgae are something that already exists and is in the environment. This helps us to make products without contamination.

Everything has a biological principle, that’s why we use living organisms. We are not altering the environmental footprint, we do not generate garbage or something that required a process that contaminates “

… commented Monroy in an interview with Conecta , the news site of Tecnológico de Monterrey.

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Currently there are four models of these towers:

  • Biourban 1.0. For indoor use.
  • Biurban Ashtray. For interiors, able to receive cigarette butts and biodegrade them.
  • Biourban 2.0. For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Biourban Industries. Special for industrial boilers.

With his Biomitech startup , Monroy Sampieri, he won the Heineken Green Challenge, which was delivered during the INCMtY 2018 entrepreneurship festival, organized by Tec de Monterrey.

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With information from the Tec de Monterrey

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