Lake Chapala Expats held by Police


Political differences spawn expat dust-up

Police were called to the Chapala Malecón early Monday, February 11 to break up an altercation between a U.S. resident who is a staunch opponent of Donald Trump and several other expats who customarily gather there for coffee and conversation.

The fracas was prompted by the arrival of four Mexican citizens bearing placards with anti-Trump slogans sent there by their U.S. employer who, according to witnesses, has a history of confronting people with different political views.


The for-hire protesters were seated on the Chapala letter sculpture holding up their signs when their boss rode up on his bicycle. Another foreigner, who is a neighbor and admitted Republican, lunged at the cyclist, hurling a cup of coffee in his face. The two men exchanged insults and a few attempted blows before officers intervened and hauled the pair off to headquarters to cool down. Both were released within a matter of minutes. Friends who make up the daily coffee klatch claim they hold varied political views without conflict and resent constant harassment by someone they tag as a fanatic against the U.S. president. He, on the other hand, insists that people who support Trump and his policies have no business living in Mexico.

Source: The Guadalajara Reporter

The Mazatlan Post