Updated Toll Road fees to Mazatlan & Mexico


If you are planning to go to Mazatlan driving by road then it is important to know how much you will spend in booths if you come by the toll road to Mazatlan.

Mazatlan is one of the most visited beach destinations of the Mexican Pacific and since the opening of the superhighway that connects Mazatlan with Durango, more people are choosing to make a trip by road to the Pearl of the Pacific.

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How much are the toll booth fees to Mazatlán (one-way)

  • Casetas Culiacán – Mazatlán: Cost $ 275 pesos
  • Casetas Guadalajara- Mazatlán: Cost $ 867 pesos
  • Casetas Tepic – Mazatlán: Cost $ 540 pesos
  • Casetas Durango – Mazatlán: Cost $ 601 pesos
  • Casetas Saltillo – Mazatlan: Cost $ 1,471 pesos
  • Casetas from Chihuahua to Mazatlan: Cost $ 1,713 pesos
  • Casetas from Chihuahua to Mazatlan by Parral: Cost $ 1,481 pesos
  • Casetas CDMX (Mexico) – Mazatlan: Cost $ 1,869 pesos
  • Casetas Torreón – Mazatlan: Cost $ 1,172 pesos
  • Casetas Monterrey – Mazatlán: Cost $ 1,523 pesos
  • Casetas Zacatecas to Mazatlán: Cost $ 659.00 pesos
  • Casetas Toluca cost to Mazatlan: $ 1,686
  • Casetas Cd. Juarez to Mazatlan: $ 1,278 pesos
  • Castes Nogales to mazatlan: $ 1,164 pesos

Toll Both locations and Fees for Mexico Trace your route in ENGLISH

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These are some of the most common routes sought for Mazatlan. If you need to know the price of the booths from another destination use the Trace tool your route that was used for the prices mentioned. If this incorrect one, let us know, we updated them on February 15, 2019

We wait for you in Mazatlan throughout the year. In the pearl of the pacific there is always some activity that may interest you besides going to the beautiful beaches of the favorite port of Mexican tourists.

We are interested in getting you safely to Mazatlan, so we recommend that you visit a mechanic to have a 10-point review before hittiing the road:

  1. Tires
  2. Drums
  3. Antifreeze
  4. Oil Levels
  5. Lights
  6. Brake fluid
  7. Suspension
  8. Spark plugs and cables
  9. Hoses and clamps in good condition
  10. Emergency kit (hydraulic jack, cables, crosshead, spare tire)

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