Mazatlan Carnival: Karla Rivas and Yamilé Zataráin are the Queens of the Equinox


The young women are elected sovereigns of the International Carnival of Mazatlan and of the Floral Games 2019, respectively

Mazatlan.- Karla Rivas and Yamilé Zataráin were elected Queens of the International Carnival of Mazatlan and of the Floral Games 2019, “Equinox. The Awakening of the Senses “, respectively.

Karla is 22 years old, a medical student, dancer and ballet teacher; while Yamilé is 18 years old and studies Cosmetology.

The gala, which took place on Friday night at the Center for Multiple Uses, was presented by Rocío Uribe, Queen of Carnival 2015, actress and host, and Isabel Loustanau, host and speaker.

Special guests included Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, who heads the government of Mazatlán, where the waves break, and the president of the municipal DIF System, Gabriela Peña Chico.

The election ceremony started with the dance “Enigma Ancestral”, where the twelve beautiful candidates stepped on stage for the first time dressed in costumes alluding to the pre-Hispanic era of Mexico.

The applicants were evaluated by Andrea Toscano, México Universo 2018; Rafael Sánchez, international model; Thalía Barajas, stylist; Carla Mariant Sánchez, Mexicana Universal Sinaloa 2018; Jenny García, host and choreographer of TV Azteca México; Adrián Rodríguez, plastic surgeon; Denisse Franco, Mexico Universe 2018 and Sheila Urías, stylist and entrepreneur from Mazatlán, Víctor de Rueda and Wendy Ruiz Sánchez. The notary public José Isaac Ornelas testified to the result.

The screams of the batons of each one of the aspirants filled the CUM with energy, in the middle of a night crowned by beauty, elegance and glamor.

Fanny Bonilla, Melissa Gaytán, Gabriela Pano, Joceline Lozano, Karla Rivas, Frida Castillo, Daiana Sánchez, Elizabeth Barraza, Karen Castillo, Ana Vázquez, Yamilé Zataráin and Anahí Esparza, dressed in cocktail attire were put to the test in the criterion stage .

In this phase, the judges only gave grades of four to eight votes.

After disclosing the partial result, in which Karla, Yamilé, Anahí and Fanny went to the head, the singer José Narváez climbed the stage, and with moved and romantic songs he began to sing to all the attendees.

With votes ranging from six to ten points, the jury qualified in the second stage the beauty, security on the catwalk and the management of the public of the twelve candidates.

Karina Lizeth López, queen of the Floral Games of 1994, and Celia Gloria Chávez, Queen of the Carnival of Mazatlán in 1994, took the stage for her 25 years as sovereigns of the city’s top fiesta.

According to the final result, the white roses went to Elizabeth, Melissa, Ana, Frida, Joceline, Daiana, Karen, Fanny, Gabriela and Anahí. Karla received golden roses, when she was elected Queen of the 2019 International Carnival, while Yamilé received silver roses, as Queen of the Floral Games.

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