Cancer is one of the leading causes of death of children in Culiacán


The Pediatric Hospital of Sinaloa attends to patients with this disease, who mostly belong to the capital of the state.

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- One of the main causes of death in children between 4 and 9 years of age is cancer, informed the coordinator of the Hematoncology Unit of the Pediatric Hospital of Sinaloa, Eduardo Altamirano Álvarez.

This situation is worldwide, and has decreased thanks to the preventions and campaigns that are carried out to detect cases more easily. He mentioned that the majority of patients with cancer are from Culiacán.

Currently, the hospital has 160 active children with treatment, and throughout the history of Pediatrics more than 1,600 children have been treated , of which almost half of them suffer from leukemia and have achieved an adequate survival over the past five years. which for children is around 64 percent.


The Pediatric Hospital is a pioneer in the creation of the Hematoncology Unit nationwide, so they have taken it as an example in other states, so that now the hospital is at the forefront.

It has agreements with international research hospitals that are making a protocol to improve the survival of children with cancer in general, and especially leukemia, which is the most common condition in cancers.

“Given the situation that children present, that is why the importance of Hematoncology facilities, but especially that they have the conditions to care for children,” he said.

The fight against childhood cancer should start as soon as the child is healthy, by means of medical follow-up on its general conditions, so that, in case of any negative indicator in its development, it can act in time against any disease.


In this sense , in the aspect of childhood cancer, work has been done on training physicians from the first contact throughout the state so that, in case of any symptoms of this disease, patients are immediately referred to the Hematoncology Unit, which is giving good results . But he explained that families can also do a lot identifying any situation they consider abnormal within the health of children. It is intended that in schools teachers do the same, all focused on timely detection. 

Genetics and other environmental factors, such as food and the environment, are causing an increase.

Yesterday the International Day of Childhood Cancer was commemorated with academic days at the Pediatric Hospital. In Sinaloa, the main type of childhood cancer is leukemia, lymphoma and, third, tumors in the central nervous system.

The Health Secretary offers free treatment to those who do not have social security (Matías Rodríguez THE DEBATE)

Regular consultation, measure of detection of childhood cancer

If it is detected in the early stage, life expectancy increases. Hence the importance of having children checked frequently.

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- 196 patients with cancer between 4 and 9 years of age are currently receiving free treatment, with the male sex being the largest population attended, reported the head of the Department of Health of Children and Adolescents at the Ministry of Health. of Sinaloa, Filiberto Sánchez. 

“In order for a childhood cancer to be detected in time it is important that parents attend the doctor on a regular basis, creating a culture of control of healthy children, not only when they are ill, but regularly, so that it is detected in a timely manner. some sign of suspected cancer and successful treatment is achieved, “explained the state official. 

Unfortunately, a percentage of cancer treatment patients were detected in advanced stages. The call of the head of the Department of Health of children and adolescents calls on parents to take their children to medical consultation immediately if they notice signs of suspicion such as: weight loss without any apparent cause, progressive pallor, bruises , frequent headaches, fevers without cause, white spot in the pupil, among others. Some signs are not so obvious, but that child who does not want to play or eat, needs to be taken to the doctor to rule out what he has.

The Ministry of Health provides free treatment in the pediatric hospital to families who do not have social security and who are affiliated with Seguro Popular. This hospital is considered the fifth of its kind nationwide with the highest rate of survivors. The Seguro Popular program is in charge of financing the treatments, from the catastrophic insurance fund established in 2008.

Source: El Debate

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