AMLO commits to finish the new highway Badiraguato-Guadalupe y Calvo in his six-year term


He went to Badiraguato “Home of EL Chapo” to the supervision report of work that cost 1,230 million pesos. There he reiterated that a people can not be stigmatized.

Badiraguato, Sinaloa.- Everything was ready in the mall early. 3 thousand chairs that were easily exceeded twice or more to listen to the speech of the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who this Friday was in this mountain municipality of Sinaloa to announce that during his six year term the Badiraguato-Guadalupe y Calvo highway, Chihuahua , it will be finished.

There before thousands of attendees reported the operation of a University with a specialty in forestry development, as well as the commitment to culminate with the road that will allow this municipality to reduce the time of transfers from 27 to 9 hours to Chihuahua and will cost one thousand 200 million pesos, “he said.

“Year after year they will have a budget so that this work can be financed,” he said.

And although the event was to supervise the road work, it was actually the technical team of the SCT that did the work, which was shown through a panoramic video that showed the work being done on the desert between of the sierra, and how complicated this work is for the orography of the mountains.

There, in the land of “El Chapo” , whose name resonates more than ever at the world level when the verdict that will sentence him to life imprisonment in the US jail for drug trafficking is issued, until then he went without that security that presidents once enjoyed. , Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

And it is precisely on this issue that the president stressed that a people can not be stigmatized, nor can anyone make “wood from the fallen tree”

“And what else does the wisdom say, that you can not make firewood from the fallen tree,” he said.

And in his style, López Obrador, who encouraged the cheers and applause of the people who came to the mall, recited each one of the social support programs like the one for the Wellness Bills that will serve to support the microenterprises.

“They will have small credits, 6 thousand pesos, little because it is blessed,” he said.

But he could not miss the phrase that has given flight and that refers to the fight against corruption, and nobody is going to steal the money from the budget.

“Corruption is going to end and impunity is going to end, I’m tired of goose,” he said.

After concluding his speech, López Obrador, he left as well as arrived, without large security deployments, only a bodyguard who watched his surroundings, and four women who picked up the folders of demands that this time were picked up by the President.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was received by state governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel who welcomed the president of Mexico, on his second work tour through Sinaloa.

The state governor, highlighted the fact of the visit of López Obrador to Badiraguato, where a president of Mexico has not stopped for many years, and who does so by betting on the most important project in the region, such as the road that will be the first Direct communication route with Chihuahua.

SOURCE: Linea Directa

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