Migrant caravan attacks in Sinaloa


Xenophobia adds to the risks for migrants

The idea that migrants are not able to impose a complaint makes them more vulnerable

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Violence against migrants is usually increased by the belief that these people who come from another place, speak and look different to us have no rights, said Lorenzo Salomón Cárdenas, volunteer and responsible for psychological accompaniment for migrants.

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He stressed that in January, in Mazatlan, 13 migrants were attacked, adding to the 33 assaulted and beaten by their passage through Sinaloa. 

The strongest cases that have had to attend is the theft of belongings of a Honduran family and a Mexican migrant who suffered multiple burns to the body.

He declared that xenophobia is a very present problem in this country, but also in our region, since the signs of violence in migrants who approach the dining room are very common. 

One of the problems that is also present is the image of the migrant from themselves, since they think that by entering without any documentation to a country that is not their own, they completely lose their rights. This prevents them from approaching the authorities for fear of being deported or punished.

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The supports that were received in the San Francisco de Asís dining room, which provides assistance to migrants, have been reduced as a result of the mediatization of the migrant caravan.

He explained that this happened as a result of the negative exposure of migrants that occurred in the media with the spread of anti-immigrant protests that cataloged as an invasion the exodus of thousands of people, as well as the image of migrants despising a dish.

This resulted in a problem for the rest of the migrants since the main sustenance in the trip are usually the shelters and dining rooms that are in their route.


He noted that the main reasons why these people decide to leave their country or region of origin is because of their economic situation and acts of violence, such as threats, unjustified charges by criminals, deaths and attacks against family members.

In Mexican territory

He clarified that of the migrants who traveled in the caravan that began in October of last year, 19 have returned so far this year, however, because of the difficulties they have had to cross into the United States, many have chosen to stay in Mexico, mainly in the northern zone, where they find work in the maquila. 

Source: El Debate

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