Mazatlecos complain of Frankensteinish carnival puppets on the Malecon. “What do you think”


* “Horrendos”, says the mayor

* Terrible copies of television characters

It was not enough with the first “monotes”, not monigotes, who are horrendous, “said the mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, when they installed other worst this morning and have virtually no head or head in the sense that “They do not communicate or motivate anything”, two weeks before the start of Carnival Mazatlan 2019.

Even in social networks and in the media, there has been a strong criticism of the “dolls” about their lack of creativity, lack of design, lack of imagination that does not provoke any emotion in people. “The puppets are part of the image of the Carnival, the message, the creativity and the spectacularity of the Sinaloan fiesta,” said one artist.

There is no continuity, stitched stories; nobody knows what each figure means and, on the contrary, the monote that is yellow with a golden disc on the Malecón, near the Aquarium, is the bad copy and without creativity of an animated caricature of television with a ” giant tostiloco behind “.

“They are horrendous,” Mayor Benitez Torres said last Wednesday, but for most critics they are “horrible.” What you think is art or are “Frankenstein” paper.

Source: Sel

The Mazatlan Post