Mazatlan Businessmen believe in the new administration of Mayor Guillermo Benítez Torres


Mazatlan, Sin.- In the first 100 days of the government of Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres they have been good, since businessmen and citizens in general have noticed the change in the city, due to that they have the trust placed in the municipal administration, noted Jesus Sandoval Gaxiola.

The president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Service and Tourism in Mazatlan said he has seen the transparency mainly in the collections of public resources such as street vendors, sales of alcohol, acquisition of drugs to name a few.

“We have seen important changes, expecting it to fulfill all that has been promised and that Mazatlan grows in economically and especially in jobs creation, people are approaching to pay their taxes and services and has increased the collection, start with all the spirit of do things well. “

Sandoval Gaxiola pointed out that due to the actions that the new administration has made, projects are coming that will make Mazatlan grow, and that in the short term it will be one of the favorite tourist destinations of the visitors.

“Up to now in these hundred days a lot of investment is coming, which is good for Mazatlan, we are doing well, we hope that in the second quarter of this administration things will be noticed.”

The commander trusted that the new administration works better now, since they are committed to answering the people, also mentioned that the works being carried out with the support of the state and federal government will come to change the image of Mazatlan.

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